Siphon is shutting down on 27th July 2016. To our customers, users and supporters: unfortunately this is the end of the road for Siphon. Our long-term goal was to create the most developer friendly end-to-end publishing platform for mobile apps.

Due to some inherent limitations in the early design decisions that we made (in particular the inability to compile your own native modules with Siphon) we have come to the regrettable conclusion that this vision is not possible at this time. We hoped that these native bridged modules would mature and become less important over time, but this has turned out to not be the case.

All apps created using Siphon are fully compatible with the standard React Native framework and transferring your app should only take a few minutes. Please email us if you need any help migrating your app.

Thanks to everyone who supported us over the past few months.
Pain-free publishing for React Native. Iterate faster with instant over-the-air updates.
Apple logo.
Publish to the App Store with one command.
Google Play logo.
Publish your app to Google Play with one command.
Over-the-air updates.
Push instant over-the-air updates to production apps.

A single codebase for your
iOS and Android app.

Build, run and publish with
the same simple commands.

Push instant over-the-air
updates to production apps.

Iterate faster and skip the
App Store approval queue.

Write your app in JavaScript
with React Native.

One consistent developer experience across both platforms.

Your new app appears in the Siphon Sandbox. Available from the App Store and Google Play.
Create a native mobile app in 30 seconds.
$ siphon create travel-chat

Our sandbox environment lets you create and test React Native apps without installing Xcode or Android Studio.

Download the Siphon command-line tool and develop apps on Mac or Linux (Windows support coming soon).

Start the quickstart tutorial
Push instant updates to your production apps.
$ siphon push

Skip the App Store approval queue for most updates and avoid waiting five days for every change. Keep your hard-earned five star reviews.

We use diffs and asset caching to keep updates fast and minimize bandwidth.

Test in the simulator
or your device. One command for both platforms.
$ siphon play

The siphon play command conveniently wraps the underlying tools in Xcode and the Android SDK to create a simple unified workflow.

Publish to the
App Store and
Google Play
with ease.
$ siphon publish

Type one command, enter a few details and we'll handle the rest. Quit messing around with certificates and provisioning profiles.

More about publishing
Easy publishing from the command-line.
Beta testers can run your app instantly with Siphon Sandbox.
Instantly share your app with beta testers.
$ siphon share

Share a preview of your app to external beta testers by email. Send them live updates as you make changes.

It's like TestFlight for React Native, but without the approval process.

More about beta testing