Android support has arrived

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Siphon Sandbox for Android. You can now push your React Native apps to both iOS and Android devices and view your changes on both simultaneously.

Follow the quickstart tutorial to update your client, or if you don’t have our command-line tool installed yet.

If you’re new to Siphon, please follow the steps in our quickstart tutorial to create your first app.

Upgrade an existing project

If you would like to make an existing project compatible with Android, update the "base_version" parameter in your app’s Siphonfile to "0.4" and rename the index.ios.js file to index.js. Then run:

$ siphon push

Your project will now be available in the sandbox on both iOS and Android devices.

If you require separate entry files for your project for each platform, simply name the Android entry file and the iOS entry file index.ios.js then push your project.

Note: If you have only one of these files your app will be built for the specified platform only.

Publish your app

When you’re ready to publish your app to the Play Store, make sure the "display_name" is set in your app’s Siphonfile and run:

$ siphon publish --platform android

We’ll prompt you for a few details and take it from there.

More to come

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out emulator support for Android complete with Hot Reloading and Chrome debugging. We’ll also be adding standalone device support.

Siphon makes it easy to build and publish React Native apps without installing Xcode.