Siphon is shutting down on 27th July 2016. To our customers, users and supporters: unfortunately this is the end of the road for Siphon. Our long-term goal was to create the most developer friendly end-to-end publishing platform for mobile apps.

Due to some inherent limitations in the early design decisions that we made (in particular the inability to compile your own native modules with Siphon) we have come to the regrettable conclusion that this vision is not possible at this time. We hoped that these native bridged modules would mature and become less important over time, but this has turned out to not be the case.

All apps created using Siphon are fully compatible with the standard React Native framework and transferring your app should only take a few minutes. Please email us if you need any help migrating your app.

Thanks to everyone who supported us over the past few months.
The easiest way to publish React Native apps. Iterate faster with instant over-the-air updates.
Monthly Yearly (-20%)
Developer $29 per app per month
Pro $89 per app per month
Organization Letter. contact us for pricing
All prices are subject to VAT. Publishing to the App Store requires a seperate iOS developer account. Publishing to Google Play requires a seperate Google Play publisher account.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

You can develop and test your apps for free in the sandbox, local simulator or using your developer device.

There are no limitations on app size of number of seats. Get started by following the quickstart tutorial.

When do I need to pay?

You only need to pay when you want to publish an app to the App Store or Google Play. Developing and testing your apps is free.

We accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex for making payments.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can switch your plan at any time using the customer portal.

The remaining days on your current plan will be used as credit for the new plan that you switch to.

Do I need to download Xcode or Android Studio?

No. One of the main benefits of using Siphon to publish your app is that we take care of all of this for you.

The only software that you need to download is our command-line tool.

I'm a student or non-profit, can I publish my app for free?

Sure, contact us and we'll sort this out.

Please include a brief explanation of what kind of app you're working on.

Are there any additional costs?

Publishing to the App Store requires a seperate iOS developer account. Publishing to Google Play requires a seperate Google Play publisher account.

Everything else is included. We manage the hosting of your assets and app bundle for you.

How does publishing work?

When you type in the siphon publish command we will ask you to enter your iOS developer account or Google Play publisher account details. We then build, sign and package an app binary for you behind-the-scenes.

The app binary is submitted to the App Store or Google Play on your behalf. It will be listed under your account name.

To make changes to an app that is already listed, you can run siphon publish again and we will automatically detect whether the update can be issued over-the-air (most common) or if it requires a new binary to be submitted.

Please note that we require certain image assets and metadata in order to submit your app for each platform. This includes an app icon, screenshots, keywords, description and any other information requested by the App Store or Play Store submission portals. You will be prompted for these as they are needed.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Contracts are either monthly or yearly. You can cancel at any time and all features will continue to work as usual until the end of the billing period.

When your subscription expires, your app will still remain in the App Store or Play Store, but you will lose the ability to issue updates. A few days after the expiration date, your app will display a message to your users that it has expired.

At this point you will need to manually publish future changes yourself, using Xcode or Android Studio, but you will lose the ability to issue over-the-air updates (i.e. you will need to submit a new app binary by yourself, manually.)

How do over-the-air updates work?

For the vast majority updates (i.e. those that do not require a new version of React Native) we let you push changes to your users without going through the App Store approval process each time.

A user's device checks for updates when the app first loads, or when it enters the foreground after a set period of inactivity. Any problems communicating over the network are hidden from the user; the app will simply try to update itself again next time it enters the foreground.

To make this process fast and efficient, we generate diffs when your app bundle changes (i.e. when the app's JavaScript source code is modified) so that only the minimum needs to be sent over the network. It should typically take less than 5 seconds for most network connections.

In the case of images and other assets, we cache these on the user's device so that only new or changed assets need to be fetched over the network.

Can I publish my app without Siphon?

Yes. Apps created using Siphon are the same as any other React Native apps and therefore you can publish them using the standard tools. They are 100% compatible and there is no lock-in to the service.

However, you will lose the ability to use our simple command-line tool and to issue over-the-air updates to your users.

In addition, the process of setting up and publishing apps manually using Xcode or Android Studio is not a particularly enjoyable way to spend a couple of days.

Which native modules can be used in published apps?

We bundle many of the most popular native modules for you behind-the-scenes. You can use them in your apps straight away; simply reference them in your JavaScript code.

Please let us know if there are any other native modules that you need for your app. We will do our best to integrate them for you.

See the list of all bundled native modules

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